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Begin Your Journey Towards Long-Term Recovery Today

Pacific beach sober living is one of a kind. First of all, the locations are everything. Being in a beach town where rent is reasonable was crucial for my recovery. I was able to find a get well job with all the opportunities in the area and save for an apartment while still being accountable and having structure. There is live in house managers at each house and weekly drug testing. There are a few club houses in the area within walking distance that have meetings everyday. This is where I started my journey with recovery and I still have bonds with the women I lived with! They will always hold a special place in my heart. Thanks to my PBR family!

Sunny L.Alum

PBR is the reason that I am 3 years clean today. Being from Tennessee it was scary to get clean in a different state but it ended up being the biggest blessing. I learned about my disease and how to truly cope with it while living a healthy and happy lifestyle. Housing was beautiful and the staff became my family while being away from family. I definitely recommend, I have 3 years clean and I owe a big part of it to PBR. I even learned how to stay clean while being back with my family. Today I gave everything I lost in addiction as well as the addition of a healthy relationship, 3 kids, a house, car- everything I didn’t have before. Thank you PBR- sending all my love to PBR!

Hals K.Alum

Completely a one of a kind experience. Thanks to Pacific Beach Recovery, my significant other and I over came out of our trauma from addiction. Before meeting my recent partner I was in a very abusive relationship and had lost custody of my children, living in the streets of Los Angeles County and Orange County. I had no where to go, I was disowned by family and lost friends to addiction and drug overdose. PBR took us in and made sure that we had a home and most importantly they became our second family.
Coming to PBR seeking recovery was the best decision I have ever made has showed me a new way to live my life. The staff are supportive and genuinely love being of service, one addict helping another. Out of all of my experiences going in and out of treatment facilities and detoxes, PBR has been the most accommodating and supportive facility. They have not only helped me and educated me on my substance use but helped me deal with my mental health as well. San Diego, CA is one of the most beautiful cities I could have ended up in and had a huge recovery community that I am now tied in with. I have 90 Days clean and sober, gained my family back into my life and have decided to relocate to San Diego permanently so I can remain tied in with the my sober support. I am gratefully looking forward to study as a substance abuse counselor. I found something that I am passionate about, and love that I found a new way to live and reaching for success and helping other addicts. Because I can only keep what I have by giving it away.
Thank you PBR ❤️

Jacqueline C.Alum

It’s a place where you can get your life back !!! But you have to do the work !!! Totally around people that really love you and care for you and your well being.

Raphael C.Alum
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