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Welcome to Pacific Beach Recovery, the vision of recreating the concept of drug rehab and sober living. We believe sobriety should be inspiring, transformative and innovative. This approach is crucial to cease drug and alcohol addiction. This also is key to embracing a new life. With the support of amazing professionals in the most beautiful setting, let us at Pacific Beach Recovery sober living show you how peaceful, enjoyable and supportive sobriety was meant to be.

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San Diego, California.

A beach setting with one of the nation’s strongest recovery communities. It’s more than you have ever imagined.

Top Credentialed Staff

Sometimes you just have to stop and breathe, with the support at Pacific Beach Recovery, the challenges will be journeyed with peers and the most attentive staff.

A Rehab with Purpose

Our philosophy is simple. Have the most prepared and passionate staff and create a space of beauty where a new life can flourish.

Sobriety. For Good.

From over 10 years of experience, we have taken the best of services and redeveloped a process that works. From innovative therapies to a new approach of social support, we believe in a tailored program.

Prepare For A Life Worth Dreaming.

World Class Staff. Beautiful Sober Housing. Connections For Life.

Beyond Drug Rehabilitation

Not Just Meetings

We believe in versatility and inspiration. This means sober living is designed to catapult outpatient drug rehab and alcohol therapy. With the most practical evidence based approaches as well as holistic and experiential activities, Pacific Beach Recovery sober living helps you tap into the ether of a sustained sober life.

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The Highest of Drug Rehab Quality

Designed and Developed by Behavioral Health Professionals in Long Term Recovery

Everyone at Pacific Beach Recovery sober living is passionate long term member in recovery as well as loved ones in the behavioral health field, making the work of alcohol a drug rehabilitation and detox a personal endeavor that goes beyond work. This translates into ultimately the highest level of service. We are living a life beyond our wildest dreams and want to share it with you as well as being supportive from the beginning all the way to long term sobriety.

Enter The World Of Genuineness and Openness

Embracing sobriety from day one with the support of those who have walked before as well as the guidance from experts in the field with over 10 years of experience in San Diego, California.

Mens Testimonials Detox

Watch some real life testimonials and experiences from alumni of our drug detox and sober living.

Womens Reviews Sober Living

Gender specific services for safety and comfort of clients. Hear from actual rehab alumni about Pacific Beach Recovery.

San Diego California Scenes

Check out where our recovery happens. From the beaches of Tourmaline in Pacific Beach to Windansea and La Jolla, sobriety was not meant to be dull.



From Withdrawal to Stabilization

Drug Detox

Intensive Outpatient Programs

After Detox and Rehab

Outpatient and Gender Specific Drug and Alcohol Recovery Groups


Medication Assisted Treatment

Utilizing evidence based approached to making sure the first days of drug and alcohol rehabilitation can be sustained.

Sober Living

Our Recovery Homes

Our sober homes make it possible to have drug testing, peers with the same level of accountability and activities as well as support to continue in school or work.

We Dreamt of A Better Place to Get Sober and Got In Touch With the Top Drug and Alcohol Professionals in San Diego.

Meetings are not enough. Having the right people as staff can change everything. What if you could live in an amazing place, close to the beach and have the right support all throughout the way? Welcome to Pacific Beach Recovery.

Most Insurance Plans Accepted

Extend Sobriety Through World Class Sober Living

From Detox to Rehab, let us provide the right amount of attention from the first days of detoxification to the first days of getting back to school. We did it. You will too.

School and Work Support Available

Medication Assisted Treatment

Suboxone, Naloxone and Buprenorphine. Support for recovery that can be sustained and kept.

Most Insurance Accepted.