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safe structured experienced supervised sober living in San Diego.

Leading the sober living environment industry in San Diego

Sober living in San diego. Redefined.

Pacific Beach Recovery sober living San Diego sets the standard of sober living, sober outpatient, and sober living environments (SLEs) for drug and alcohol addiction in California.

We firmly advocate permanent sobriety and successful outcomes through a culture of community, leadership, and evidence-based practices.

Pacific Beach Recovery sober living offers management, signature job, scholar placement, surf lessons, gym (sauna, pool, free weights, yoga, and basketball),  and zero-tolerance safety made possible by drug testing.

Less than a mile from the world-renowned surf beaches of Pacific Beach, Pacific Beach Recovery sober living in San Diego makes it possible for men and women to transform successfully through strength and talent-based development.

Pacific Beach Recovery sober living in San Diego is an incredible resource for individuals looking to change their lives. Our facility offers a unique opportunity for men and women to develop their skills and gain strength from experience. With a focus on talent-based development, Pacific Beach Recovery provides an environment for successful transformation and growth. From the fantastic beaches to the supportive staff, Pacific Beach Recovery is an ideal place for individuals to take the steps necessary for a successful recovery.

What Sets Us Apart

The Pacific Beach Recovery Sober Living Experience

Pacific Beach Recovery Sober Living San Diego is insured and backed by the highest sober living house benchmarks.

Recovery professionals founded our sober living management with over a decade of sober housing and rehabilitation experience created specifically for men and women to flourish in recovery. Our residents become part of a community in Pacific Beach, developing an ambiance of purpose. Read our sober living blog to learn more about what we do and believe in. Self-love starts here.

Pacific Beach Recovery offers a supportive and encouraging environment for men and women in recovery. With a team of experienced recovery professionals in sober housing and rehabilitation, the facility allows individuals to find the strength and courage to reach their goals. Residents of Pacific Beach Recovery become part of a community in Pacific Beach and gain access to a unique ambiance of purpose.

Individuals can learn more about the team’s philosophy of self-love and discover what makes the sober living facility truly special. With Pacific Beach Recovery, clients can be sure they are in a warm and welcoming environment where they can successfully transform and achieve their dreams.

The Pacific Beach Sober Living Mission

To develop a transformative space and community where lives and society are elevated by purpose and example.

The Values of Pacific Beach Recovery

Our values at Pacific Beach sober living are dedication, transparency, awareness, and mindfulness.

What We Choose To Surround Ourselves With Impacts Us

Designing a Space of Serenity

Pacific Beach Recovery Sober Living San Diego is in Pacific Beach, San Diego, Southern California’s treasured beach spot.

We are within walking distance of beaches, colleges, recovery resources, and twelve-step meetings. Only 10 minutes from the San Diego Airport, Pacific Beach Recovery Sober Living San Diego is ideal for the foundation of recovery. Welcome to Pacific Beach Recovery sober living San Diego: Redefining sober living houses and sober homes in California.

Focusing On What Works

Why Sober Living After Detox or Rehab?

Because addiction did not develop overnight, we recommend extending sobriety after detox or rehab at our sober living.

Pacific Beach Recovery Sober Living San Diego provides the highest standards, structure, and safety for continuous and permanent recovery to flourish. Our based research suggested long-term, innovative experiential activities, ideal San Diego county surf beach location, youth recovery community access, and our developed management shares the hope of transformation to educate families and the community. We share the passion for extraordinary recovery housing, an essential element to being sober from the bondage of addiction and alcoholism. We will ensure you have a quiet, safe space to work your steps and even meditate at our beautiful homes by the sea in San Diego.

I want to extend my sobriety after detox or rehab.

Sober living is the way to extend sobriety and lay a foundation to sustain and flourish in life. Call Pacific Beach Recovery sober living today.

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