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Drug Addiction and Alcohol Rehab Might Not Be Enough

Because 30 Days Are Not Enough. This is the Power of Sober Living.

At Pacific Beach Recovery sober living San Diego, we believe rehab or detox is not enough to transition back into society. The challenges of going directly from a drug and alcohol clinic back to life are the stress and triggers. It is tough to stop drinking when someone has an addiction, mainly because society accepts alcohol and it’s widely and readily available. According to this National Health Institute report, about 14.5 million Americans above 12 are addicted to alcohol.

The longer you stay sober, the higher the chances it is you’ll be able to sustain that sobriety.

If you are battling to quit drinking, our sober living for alcohol recovery in San Diego is the perfect foundation tool you may use to beat your addiction. We know how tough it is to quit drinking and acknowledge a problem by asking for help. We guide you to be brave by delivering understanding, science-based treatment strategies against alcohol addiction. After detox or rehab, quitting substances like heroin or alcohol is easier with peers sharing a schedule and a drug and alcohol-free environment.

Our post-alcohol rehab homes and SLEs are personally tailored, letting you obtain all the benefits after being at a rehab center. At a detox or rehab, you’ve had an analysis of your situation, producing an assessment and planning the strategy to treat you in the best way possible. The suitable cognitive therapies have been assigned, and your progress is observed to adapt changes if required. This rehab or detox aftercare can be continued at a sober living, and if your rehab or detox is close, you might even be able to assist an outpatient program or IOP. Having a place between rehab and home is safe to explore feelings, emotions, and behaviors with supervision, management, and connection with your previous discharge planners and therapists. Make Pacific Beach Recovery sober housing your haven to begin your life free from addiction and alcoholism.

Structured Sober Living with a Designed Environment

We know that continuing to stay in a sober living house after alcohol rehab may cause anxiety or stress. Why would I need more supervision? The truth is it can take quite some time for drugs or alcohol to leave the system, and emotionally, it can feel like a rollercoaster as someone experiences life again with previous challenges such as work, family, or relationships. If you thought withdrawal at detox was challenging, you could also expect certain discomforts, such as trouble sleeping, sweating, anxiety, mood instability, headaches, nausea, and other disorders. At Pacific Beach Recovery sober living, you have the emotional support of peers, management, and connection with your previous addiction treatment center professionals, making it even possible to continue seeing a therapist or mental health professional.

At Pacific Beach Recovery sober living in San Diego, you don’t need to worry about withdrawal because you will not be alone. Our highly experienced and trained staff overlook the steps of alcohol and substance abuse recovery steps to ensure those symptoms never become serious issues. We help you recover from the symptoms safely with adequate oversight and, if needed, connect you with a clinician for direction. Many have done well with medication-assisted treatment. We can make it possible at our sober living home to arrange a time to see a medical professional.

Transitional Living by the Sea

Inevitable Change

Residents are involved inside and outside our sober living house with values and responsibility. We know what it takes to get sober young, and we dream big with an attitude of hope and inspiration. Our men’s sober home is ideal for those seeking a safe and sober living environment after addiction treatment, detox, or rehab. At Pacific Beach Recovery, sober living housing San Diego, we know it was never about alcohol or drugs. It’s about embracing life.

30 days is not enough

Are you at a detox program, treatment facility, or outpatient program and know you need the support of a recovery community, a safe atmosphere, and a strengthened foundation? Let us change how you view sober living homes and recovery houses. Welcome to Pacific Beach Recovery sober living San Diego: Beyond sober housing. Beyond recovery.

Looking for Quality Sober Living Homes in San Diego? Embrace Sobriety at Pacific Beach Recovery Sober Living.

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