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Imagine sober living community and inspiration by the sea.

Unleash the energy of enduring sobriety at San Diego’s go-to destination for a sober lifestyle.

Welcome to Pacific Beach Recovery sober living San Diego.

It all began when we designed a transformative and home-like atmosphere by the sea where someone could enjoy life after detox or rehab in an alcohol and drug-free setting. Our mission was to redefine the concept of sober living homes and begin a new precedent in our sober community of San Diego, California.

Dive into a life of clarity, freedom from addiction, and permanent wellness t. It’s not just about living sober here – it’s about thriving!

We believe a sober living home should be inspiring, transformative, and innovative.

With the support of recovery professionals in the most beautiful setting, let us at Pacific Beach Recovery sober living San Diego show you how peaceful, enjoyable, and supportive sobriety is meant to be. Leaving detox or rehab in San Diego or traveling out of state to recovery and unsure what the next steps are? Be part of a sober community and a safe environment with drug and alcohol testing. Experience the joy of structure and safety at our sober living on the beaches of Pacific Beach in San Diego, California. Stay sober, create meaningful connections, and journey toward a life of fulfillment and sustained sobriety.

Drug rehab and detox are positive steps. Extending sobriety after 30 days with sober housing is critical.

This long-term approach is crucial to cease drug and alcohol addiction. Embrace a new life where new emotions and habits become ingrained. Experience the transformative design of Pacific Beach Recovery sober living San Diego.

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San Diego, California.

A beach setting in Pacific Beach with one of the nation’s strongest recovery communities. Access to 12 step meetings including AA, NA and HA all week long.

Top Credentialed Staff

Sometimes you just have to stop and breathe. With the support at Pacific Beach Recovery, the challenges are reduced with sober peers and attentive staff. Sober living can be an invigorating environment.

Continue Your Purpose After Rehab or Detox

Our philosophy is simple: have prepared and passionate management at a beautiful sober house where life can flourish.

Sobriety. For Good.

From over 10 years of experience, we have taken the best of sober living services and designed a process that works. From accountability and proximity to the rehab or detox clients have graduated from, this tailored sober living environment extends the momentum.

Prepare For A Life Worth Dreaming of.

World-Class Staff. Beautiful Sober Housing. Connections For Life.

Sober living should not only be a place to stay after rehab.

It should be a haven for bonds between peers with the same dedication to sobriety and a heart placed in the good values of recovery. Our safe and structured homes, with supervision and management, make it possible to have quality leadership and a culture of respect, responsibility, dedication, and joy. Are you looking to stay and embrace sobriety after detox or rehab? At Pacific Beach Recovery, we understand that transitioning from rehab or detox to everyday life can be difficult. We provide supportive and safe sober living homes to help you on your journey to transformation.

Our commitment to sobriety extends beyond the walls of our sober living homes and into your future. With structure and accountability, our recovery staff is dedicated to helping you to stay on track and continue your journey toward abstinence. We create a unique and supportive environment that encourages growth and provides the guidance and resources needed to stay sober for life. Let Pacific Beach Recovery sober living homes be your ground for transformation.

Drug rehab is the beginning. Continue with sober living.

Not Just 12 Step Meetings

At Pacific Beach Recovery sober living, we believe in versatility and inspiration.

Pacific Beach Recovery sober living helps tap into a long-term sober life with practical, evidence-based approaches and experiential activities. This means sober living is designed to catapult the momentum after drug detox or to attend outpatient drug rehab in the County. This makes it possible to continue with a guidance set with your counselors or a discharge planner at the drug and alcohol treatment center. Because addiction didn’t take 30 days to develop, let our recovery home create a foundation for a remarkable life. Let San Diego become your sober living foundation and life launch. Because love starts with self, begin your journey towards sobriety with the proper support. What sets us apart from other sober living homes in San Diego? Learn more about us on our sober living blog or our contact form below to learn more about availability or out-of-state accommodations.

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The Highest of Drug Rehab Quality

Designed and Developed by Behavioral Health Professionals in Long Term Recovery

Peers and management at Pacific Beach Recovery sober living are passionate.

Most are long-term members of alcohol and drug recovery. We have loved ones in the behavioral health field, making the work of alcohol and drug rehabilitation a personal endeavor. This dedication translates into a high level of service. We are living a life beyond our wildest dreams. Let us share it with you. We want to be supportive from the beginning. Pacific Beach Recovery sober living was designed to turn the 30-day detox concept into a long-term lifestyle. Let our clean, safe, sober housing next to the beautiful Pacific Beach, California, and the sea become your new home. The waves, sun, and a dip in surf may be an instantaneous meditation that hits the heart every morning of a new day in sobriety.

A Life Of Genuineness and Openness

We are embracing sobriety from day one with the support of those who have walked before. Be guided by our recovery field experts with over ten years of sober experience in San Diego, California.

Men’s Testimonials Why Sober Living after Detox

Watch some real-life testimonials and experiences from our sober living homes alums that decided on drug rehab or alcohol detox. At Pacific Beach Recovery, we pride ourselves on the success of our alums. To help those considering drug rehab or alcohol detox, we provide real-life testimonials and experiences from past residents. Hearing directly from those who have gone through our program and flourished is invaluable. These stories offer insight into how our residents have achieved sobriety, moved forward, and found success. Whether you’re just entering treatment or already have a few years of sobriety, these stories are inspiring and can motivate you to stay on the path toward recovery.

Women’s Reviews Sober Living

We are committed to providing safe, secure, and comfortable living environments to our clients and their families. To ensure the safety and well-being of our clients, we provide gender-specific services tailored to the individual needs of our residents. In addition, we strive to create a supportive environment that fosters connection, communication, and growth. To hear firsthand how Pacific Beach Recovery has impacted the lives of our alums, you can watch real-life testimonials from our past residents. These videos provide an honest look at how our sober living homes have created lasting changes in the lives of our alums. Hear from actual alums about Pacific Beach Recovery sober living.

San Diego California Scenes

Check out where our recovery happens. From the beaches of Tourmaline in Pacific Beach to Windansea and La Jolla, sobriety was not meant to be dull. We believe sobriety can be an incredible journey. To help you stay on the path toward recovery, our sober living homes provide access to some of Southern California’s most beautiful beaches. From Tourmaline in Pacific Beach to Windansea and La Jolla, these beaches offer stunning views and inspiring environments to encourage a life of sobriety. Our recovery programs recognize that anybody can find joy in sobriety and offer the resources to help you make it happen. With breathtaking views and a commitment to staying away from drugs or alcohol, you can find a vibrant and active lifestyle waiting on the beaches of Southern California.


Sober Living After Detoxification

From Withdrawal to Stabilization

Drug Detox

Intensive Outpatient Programs

Maximizing the impact of an IOP with sober living

Experience safety at our drug and alcohol-free housing while you attend outpatient or a gender-specific drug and alcohol recovery group. At Pacific Beach Recovery, we understand that the recovery process can be challenging and can require access to supportive living arrangements. That is why we provide safe and secure drug and alcohol-free housing while you attend outpatient or gender-specific drug and alcohol recovery groups. Our sober living homes offer the safety and structure needed to focus on recovery. Our experienced recovery staff is dedicated to your journey and provides the resources and guidance to help you stay sober for life. With a commitment to ensuring you feel supported and safe,Pacific Beach Recovery provides the environment to foster growth and transform your life.


Medication Assisted Treatment

Your rehab or detox might include medication-assisted treatment. By utilizing evidence-based approaches, you can ensure continuity after your first days of drug and alcohol treatment in our sober living environment. We don’t shy away from evidence practices and work with research to get the best results so you can live in safety and comfort at our sober living and work with the supervision of your doctor, medical professional, or counselor after drug detox or rehab.

Sober Living

Our Recovery Homes

At Pacific Beach Recovery sober homes, we understand the importance of having peers with the same commitment to sobriety. Our drug-testing peers provide a sense of accountability and structure during those first crucial months of recovery. Furthermore, we offer support programs to ease the transition back into school or work. With our experienced recovery staff, we provide resources and guidance to make sure you are supported on your journey to sobriety. We believe in providing an environment of safety and structure that makes it possible to commit to a life of sobriety.

We Dreamt of A Better Place to Get Sober and Got In Touch With the Top Drug and Alcohol Professionals in San Diego.

Meetings are not enough. Having the right people as peers, experienced management, and working with your counselor or rehab discharge planner can change everything. What if you could live in a fantastic place close to the beach and have the proper support throughout the way? Welcome to Pacific Beach Recovery, sober living in San Diego.

Most Insurance Plans Accepted

Extend Sobriety Through World-Class Sober Living

After detox or rehab, let us provide the right amount of attention. Have a safe place after the first days of drug and alcohol detoxification to school or work. We did it. You will too.

School and Work Support Available

Medication-Assisted Treatment

We ensure that you can safely continue your MAT or medication-assisted treatment program while living in sober living. Suboxone, Naloxone, and Buprenorphine are medications that save lives. Medical supervision of medication-assisted treatment while living in a safe and alcohol and drug-free sober house can get you the most significant benefits of science and results. Let our sober homes be the support for a sustained recovery.

Most Insurance Accepted.

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