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Why Sober Living is Important After Rehab 

When you quit drinking or using drugs, everything should get better. While getting clean can be freeing, it can also be frightening. Sober living was created to help with the difficult transition back into their lives.

Sober living is a temporary arrangement to help addicts and alcoholics progress from inpatient treatment into everyday life.

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Sober homes are much more than alcohol and drug-free homes – they’re learning tools and building blocks.

Sober homes can be compared to a prison system’s halfway home except voluntary and with much more freedom. Just like prisoners need a transition between lockup and everyday life, many addicts need a step between newfound sobriety and daily life. 

Sober living can be coed, but most sober homes are gender-specific to decrease distractions during early recovery. Sober living facilities are 100% drug and alcohol-free, so you will never be directly tempted. The experiences, lessons, and sobriety time you earn in your sober living facility will have you ready for real-world temptation once you leave.

Sober homes would not be very effective if everyone were lying around the house all day. Sober homes are much more than alcohol and drug-free homes – they’re learning tools and building blocks. Sober homes require you to be out of the house during daylight hours, attend a certain number of meetings per week, help the local recovery community, and talk with a recovery sponsor.   Every requirement is designed to keep you busy and increase your chances of long-term recovery once you leave.

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Sober living focuses on your addiction recovery, but it’s also a transition for essential living habits.

Sober living focuses on your addiction recovery, but it’s also a transition for essential living habits. Many addicts let their everyday living habits fall: They don’t clean their homes, they don’t brush their teeth, they don’t look for work. Sober living arrangements require residents to work, attend school, attend an alcohol treatment program, perform tasks or chores to keep the house in good condition, keep their rooms neat, and keep their hygiene in check.

The longer the history of abuse the scarier transitioning into sobriety can be.

It’s recommended that addicts or alcoholics with a long history of abuse enroll in a residential treatment program followed by a combination of outpatient treatment and sober living for the least disruptive recovery process.

It doesn’t make sense to leave a safe and comfortable treatment center to go to a house that will push you to throw it all away. Those distractions will be acceptable after a few months of sobriety. Still, if something is tempting or unpleasant you’re worried about after leaving treatment, you need a sober home to get started.

Sober living is offered by both certified treatment centers and other private companies. Call a local treatment center, detox facility, or your local AA chapter to get more information on sober living close to you.

If you need help between primary treatment and a total return to everyday society, look too sober living for use. Sober living gives you the fellowship, time, and requirements to get back on your feet and grow.

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Management and a drug and alcohol-free environment are crucial to flourishing in early sobriety.

At Pacific Beach Recovery sober living, what sets us apart is safe and structured sober living homes that are clean and supervised. Management, as well as a drug and alcohol-free environment, are key to flourishing in early sobriety. How long? The longer, the better, and there is no rush to reintegrate. Maybe after three months, you find a friend from sober living who is just as passionate about recovery, and you both can share an apartment. Perhaps it takes six months to gain trust back from family or a loved one. May even up to a year, the thing is that it’s not a race to get ‘better,’ but to know you can be safe with people who understand the challenges of change and can be there for you. We are there for you at Pacific Beach Recovery sober living in San Diego until you are ready. Read more about us if you are about to leave detox or rehab or thinking of going to your home state and moving to California or San Diego.

By Anastasia U.

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