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Self Love

Hearing the term “self-love,” you will surely think, “Oh, how heavy. I’ve heard that too many times. Leave me alone”. And honestly, I understand your reaction.

self time editing my body especially my arms because self conscious self love

self-time editing my body, especially my arms, because of self-conscious self-love

The topic of self-love is everywhere: in magazines, blogs, and on Instagram. Wherever you look (including my Instagram profile, to be honest), you’ll see countless quotes praising the powers of self-love. Learning to love myself has been a long and arduous process, and it is something that I still find difficult at times.

The problem is, nobody really gives us a guide to make that extraordinary self-love come true. It is easy to tell people that they should love themselves and enjoy life, but it is not so easy to provide concrete advice and guidance to help them do so.

However, learning to love yourself is essential and, in fact, essential to living a truly balanced life. If we do not know how to love ourselves, we will take care of other people or develop self-destructive habits.

This is easier said than done, like almost everything in life. It is an ongoing process that may never be complete. And it would help if you accepted that this is so.

“How to learn to love me?” It is a difficult and complicated question for all people, but especially for women.

self love words of empowerment for women to believe that they are enough

Self-love words of empowerment for women to believe that they are enough

By socializing, we are expected to be “givers.” The idea that women can have dominance and control over our lives, bodies, and pleasures has only recently found a place in modern parlance. I remember the first time I decided to stop trying to please people and start being who I am. It was a terrifying prospect. I thought: what if nobody likes me and I’m entirely alone?

In particular, I still have a hard time loving my body. The pressure for women to look a certain way is ingrained within us. All we hear is “how to be” pretty enough “or” “thin enough” to be considered a wise choice as wives and mothers.

Before embarking on a true journey of self-acceptance, it is essential that you first look within yourself and do an inside job. Observe how specific social values may have affected your self-esteem and place. This self-realization is the necessary foundation to fill yourself with love. When it comes to self-love, be patient with yourself. You are learning an entirely new skill. You are educating yourself. This takes practice, so you shouldn’t punish yourself for not loving yourself yet.

There are days when I am on top of the world, feel I am failing in everything, and many people hate me. The key is practice. When I’m down, I dive into a great bubble bath. And I enjoy it until the water is lukewarm and the bubbles have disappeared from the tub. Afterward, I apply moisturizer to my skin, look at myself in the mirror, and name 3 to 5 things I love about my body as if I were my cheerleader. Lately, I’ve been meditating to get out of the funk.

how to self love portrait of beautiful woman black african american

how to self-love portrait of beautiful woman black African American

Self-love is ingrained in the body. To feel safe in the world, you must love your own body. After all, it is what allows you to move. If you are not in the habit of being naked, I know it can be uncomfortable for you, but you should. You can start small. Maybe it is easier for you to spend some time in your underwear? Do not hesitate and do it. However, you will have to undress and love yourself at some point because if you don’t, no one else will.

The day I started loving myself, my body, and all, including mental health, with the gym or no gym, was magical. I only wish that I got to you so that you begin to feel how magnificent or magnificent you are, discover everything you have inside, and do not show out of fear and, above all, what you can enjoy in your own company—that feeling of a dog waving its tail for you when you arrive but from you. I have already started to love myself. Are you ready?


By Tannia V.

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