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Bipolar disorder

Bipolar disorder was, previously referred to as manic depression, is a mental condition that provokes radical shifts in an individual’s thought, attitude, vitality, and general conduct. This mental illness is not rare and affects many people. People manifest intense attitude changes from low to depression and high and excitement.

resting at beach woman after drug detox going to sober living san diego county

resting at beach woman after drug detox going to sober living san Diego county

Science does not know what causes bipolar disorder; there are theories of genetic and other elements thought to be related to these problems. Like in different mental health situations, a history of bipolar disorder in relatives may increase developing this illness. Here at Pacific Beach Recovery, we have embraced many people who live with the condition.
Individuals with bipolar disorder manifest intense contrasts in behavior between highs and lows. In a manic (high) state, people may act carelessly. Their beliefs, words, and gestures speed up, and they may have difficulty concentrating on tasks, frustrated and cranky. On the other hand, the manifestation of a low or depressed state is similar to depression. This includes feeling sad, disconnecting from friends and family, and losing interest in activities that once gave them pleasure.

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